A Printable Escape Room Experience

The perfect escape game to play at home.
Gatekeeper - play at home!
A great escape room game to play at home with your friends and family.
Game Time - 60-90 minutes
Players age - Adults - Teens
Number of players - 1-6


Gatekeeper is a story-driven printable escape game. As you explore a strange Victorian house full of secrets and puzzles, you will learn about a mysterious society, which selects only the best to guard its secrets. Will you be worthy of this honor?

This game is played in chapters. The clues for the entire chapter are available to you right away. You will need pencils and scissors in order to play.

Gatekeeper features a unique Answer Checker System, which allows players to easily make sure their answers are correct without looking up the answer by accident.

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A mysterious postcard.

The Story

Your Uncle Keith always stood out from the rest of the family. He lived alone in a grand old mansion, and everybody thought him to be a bit of an eccentric. It was a great surprise to you when you received a postcard from Uncle Keith. You haven't heard from him in many years. You arrive at his home, but find the house empty. What mysteries await you within?



Gatekeeper is designed for adults, though older teenagers can also play on their own and have fun. Younger players can join in on the fun if they are playing with parents or older siblings.

Number of Players

This game is best played in a small group with 2 to 6 players. However, if you love solving puzzles on your own even one person can do it! For a larger crowd you can always print several copies of the game and have teams race against each other to see who can solve the mystery first!

Play Time

Gatekeeper was designed as a 60 minutes experience. However, the play time might change depending on the players’ experience, skill, age, or group size. The game can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to complete.
Gatekeeper - an Escape Room Game


How to Start

Once you buy the game, you will need to print it out and you can start playing right away. You can print using your home printer on regular letter size paper, or you can use a printing service such as Staples. You will also need to have scissors and a pen or a pencil ready.


Any day is a great day to play an escape room game at home! This adventure is perfect as a birthday activity, for a family to spend quality time together, or for friends looking to have a fun time during game night.

If you currently have to stay at home due to restrictions, you can set the game up and play it virtually over Facebook, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any other video service! Just have each player print their own version of the game, and you can all play at the same time!

You can even print the game and take it outside! Add a fun activity to your picnic, or take the game with you to the beach!

Included Documents

Once you unzip your game file, you will have access to three PDF documents:
  • startHere.pdf
  • Gatekeeper.pdf - Includes How To Play, Rules and the Game itself
  • HintsAndAnswers.pdf - Includes the Answer Checker System, Hints, and Answers

Ready to unlock the secrets?