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Pirate's Quest - Escape Room Game for Kids

Perfect game for 10 to 14 year-olds.
Escape game for kids 10-14 years old

Birthday Pack

In addition to Pirate's Quest escape room game get tons of party materials! Have a great escape room birthday party!

"Easy to set up, customizable content, birthday fun!"
Pirate's Quest Escape game birthday pack

How do you play escape rooms at home?!

Do you like looking for clues and solving puzzles? Do you enjoy real life escape rooms?

Printable Escape Room Games is a new type of activity. Play with your family at home, or with your friends over a video meeting. Imagine a puzzle hunt with escape room puzzles; this is what printable escapes are all about.

Once you download the game, you can print it out and start playing right away. Each puzzle page has a puzzle that needs to be solved. Once you solve a puzzle, you can move on to the next page.

Download, Print & Play!

"Easy to set up, kids have fun!"
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Family Escape Room Game at Home!
Pirate Quest - Escape Room game
Age:  10+    Time:  30 to 60 min.

Pirate's Quest Escape Game

Pirate’s Quest is a printable escape room game for kids. This escape room kit is easy to set up. Just download, print and give it to your kids to play. No preparations necessary! Of course, you can join their pirate crew and make it a family night.

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Pirate's Quest Birthday Pack

Are you thinking of having an escape room birthday party? Get our full escape room kit! It's very easy to set up. In addition to the Pirate's Quest escape game escape room kit has customizable invitations, posters, awards and more. This escape room kit also provides ready to print or email party materials. The Pirate's Quest escape game works great for play at home, or as an activity for a virtual birthday party. It's very flexible and can be set up as an outside activity adhering to the social distance rules.

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