Amazing Adventure Society - The Nordic Necklace

Free Printable Escape Room Experience

A perfect game to see what printable escape rooms are all about
Free Escape Room - Nordic Necklace - play at home!
“Challenging and fun mini escape game. When is full version coming out?” - Tanya
Game Time - 15-30 minutes
Number of players - 1-4

Free Printable Escape Game

Do you want to see what Printable Escape Games are all about? Now you can do it for free! All you need to do to play is download the game, print it out and you can start your adventure right away. This new printable escape room adventure is a shorter version of our regular escape games. It’s set up exactly as our regular size adventures: puzzles unravel a story as you play, the answer to each puzzle is one or more words. The game includes hints and answers.

So, if you like searching for clues and solving puzzles, and if you enjoy real life escape rooms, see how fast you can solve the mystery of the Nordic Necklace.

Free Escape Game - Amazing Adventure Society


The Story

Clara Ridley, the founder of The Amazing Adventure Society, receives a postcard from an old friend. Her new adventure is about to begin…


This game is designed for adults. However, it’s a family friendly game and will be a great thing to try with your teens.

Number of Players

This game is designed for a small group. The best number of players is 2 to 4. However if you love solving puzzles on your own even one person can do it! If you have a larger team, you can always print 2 copies of the game and have two teams race against each other!

Play Time

This adventure is a sample of what Printable Escape games are all about and it is designed to offer 15 to 30 minutes of fun. It’s based on the players’ experience, skill, age and group size.


How to start

Once you get your free download of the game, you need to print it out and you can start playing right away. It is possible to play The Nordic Necklace without printing it out, however we do recommend printing it. It will be much more fun marking up the actual pages when solving this mystery. You can print at home on a regular letter size paper, or you can use a printing service.


Any day is a great day to play an escape room style game at home! This adventure is perfect as a birthday activity, family quality time together or fun time for the siblings and friends. If you currently have to stay at home you can set it up and play virtually over Facebook, google hangouts our zoom! Just have each family print their own version of the game, and you can play all at the same time!

Included Documents

You will have access to one PDF document (9 pages), which will have: - The Game (4 pages) - How to play, hints, and answers. You can print out all pages or just the game.

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